Halter Ranch
Valentine's Day Bundle

Valentine's Day Bundle

Bundle Description:
Indulge your senses with our exquisite Chocolate Pairing Gift Bundle featuring two exceptional wines from Halter Ranch - Libelle and Ancestor - expertly paired with a delectable selection of chocolates crafted by the local artisan, Mana Ganache. Halter Ranch Libelle: Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of Halter Ranch Libelle Sparkling Picpou Blanc, a wine characterized by its elegant notes. This wine finds its perfect match in a Meyer Lemon White Chocolate. The citrusy zing of locally sourced Meyer lemons enhances the subtle sweetness of white chocolate, creating a delightful fusion that dances on your palate. Halter Ranch Ancestor: Unveil the rich and robust flavors of Halter Ranch Ancestor, a wine that demands attention. Its ideal companion is the Dark Classic chocolate, a masterpiece of dark chocolate craftsmanship. As you savor the bold complexity of Ancestor, let the deep cocoa notes of the Dark Classic chocolate elevate your tasting experience to new height
Club Price: $151.2
(Retail Price: $189)