Tuscan Blend, Picual, and Ancestor Olive Oil
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Tuscan Blend, Picual, and Ancestor Olive Oil
Tuscan Blend, Picual, and Ancestor Olive Oil

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Note: The Picual and Ancestor Olive Oils are only sold in this pack of 3. 

The organic fruit for this certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil grows on less than one acre of our original grove, nestled in the heart of beautiful Paso Robles, CA. With racy vanilla notes followed by latent spice, this single-variety Picual bottling yields an intriguing finishing oil.

Bottle Size: 500mL
Total Polyphenols: 479 mg Tyrosol/kg

Our Ancestor Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes inspiration from two ancient olive trees growing amongst the ranch’s organic walnut grove. We blend olives from these trees with fruit from our other groves to create the finest oil produced on property. Balanced phenolic spiciness layers with complex aromas and flavors to create a premium oil that is simply unparalleled.

Bottle Size: 500 mL
Total Polyphenols: 547 mg Tyrosol/kg

The organic olives that comprise this certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil grow in our original four-acre grove, nestled in the pristine westside of Paso Robles, CA. The traditional Tuscan blend is composed of Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, and Pendolino. Having a round nuttiness punctuated with peppery notes, the Tuscan is perfect for cooking as well as finishing.

Bottle Size: 500 mL
Total Polyphenols: 636 mg Tyrosol/ kg